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Bureaucratic Immunity
When one looks at the various processes that have taken place in the Commercial Fishery, in the form of studies and commissions and the like, the focus is always on the Commercial Fisheries. The bureaucratic bungling by the Department Of Fisheries (DFO) is immune from criticism. The politicians that are supposedly over seeing the bureaucracy, the committee on Fisheries and Oceans, appear to support DFO actions without appropriate evaluation of the results of their actions.  
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To PHMA,   Attention: Jake Van der Heide
I received your letter of December the 5th 2007, “THE PHMA IS NOT SELLING OUT TO THE RECREATIONAL SECTOR!!!”
You are asking for input and I am going to offer it here once again, but it is my feeling that many of you that sit on the PHMA, or other advisory boards continually miss the point. I will try to deal with your letter in point form, to address your way of seeing it.  
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To the Standing Committee On Fisheries and Oceans:
As 2008 is the final year in the three year Groundfish Integrated Pilot Program, I would like to be provided the opportunity to appear before the Committee and give evidence in this programs failings, and the devastating effects it is having on the commercial fishing participants. These failings include:
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