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FFF supports an independent Fisheries Management Organization that will
operate free of any political agenda, with an emphasis on results, and will be
accountable to industry and government to achieve these results. This Fisheries
Management Organization would establish, be governed by, and make decisions
based on fair and consistent principles and policies that would apply to all fisheries
participants, regardless of sector or user group.  These principles and policies
could not be changed or influenced through a single lobby or selective advisory

FFF supports having a single industry advisory body to the Fisheries Management Organization.  This industry advisory body would conduct itself in an open and transparent manner including representatives from all commercial fishing sectors and other interested stakeholders or parties.  These sectors, stakeholders or parties must demonstrate a mechanism for consulting with their constituents, and will be accountable to their constituents.

FFF supports the Fisheries Management Organization working with government to develop a Fisheries Science Program whose emphasis is on protecting and enhancing all stocks.  This must exclude reducing the commercial harvesting and processing efforts to fit a declining resource resulting from mismanagement.

FFF supports a Fisheries Science Program that would make firm and fair recommendations based on fact, and would possess the necessary resources and tools to perform their duties in the best manner possible.

FFF does not support the reallocation of fishing opportunity from the commercial fishing sector to other private or commercial interests.

FFF does not support corporatization of commercial fishing resources, or the consolidation and concentration of these resources through a policy of reallocation at the expense of one sector or user group, to benefit another.

FFF supports principles that encourage participation and economic contributions by the beneficiaries of the fisheries resources, and thus, economic benefit to the Canadian public.

About the President of Fishing For Freedom - Gerald Dalum

Gerald has been involved in the fishing industry since he purchased his first vessel in 1968.  During his fishing career, Gerald has trolled and gill netted Salmon, fished for Halibut, Prawns, Shrimp, Black Cod, Rockfish, Scallops, Dogfish and Tuna.

Gerald got involved in fishing politics in 1977, as a member of the Pacific Trollers Association, an association of approximately 150 members.  He became president of The Pacific Trollers Association in 1978 and was instrumental in growing the membership to over 500.  During Gerald's years of involvement in dealing with DFO, Gerald sat on various committees, such as the Ministers Advisory Council, US Canada Treaty Advisory Board, The Hook and Line Advisory Board, and many others.  Disenchanted with the Advisory system and DFO's management policies, Gerald later co-founded the Fisherman's Federation for the purpose of restructuring management and the advisory process.  In a number of design meetings, the industry came up with a framework for a management body that would be developed in the interest of result-based management of fisheries and resource optimization.

Though Gerald moved to Cranbrook to get away from politics, after some 15 years of absents, the destruction of the the industry at the hands of DFO has drawn him back to the cause of fair governance for commercial and private anglers.

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