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The present management of DFO and the associated advisory systems has
lacked consistency in their ability to achieve equity between users.  This is
demonstrated in the accumulation of fishing assets in the hands of fewer
participants, and corporate control of fishing effort.  The DFO has also
demonstrated its inability to manage,through the continued decline of both fisheries resources and participants, contrary to Government policy and the Terms Of Union.

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The State of British Columbia’s Fisheries

Which is more important – what we do, or how we do it?  The present system of fisheries management tries to address a multitude of issues presented by different user groups, each based on diverse theories and all with different agendas.  Some of the issues are offered with good intentions and some others are based on selfishness and greed.  How can we expect to achieve meaningful results when we continue follow this format?  This begs several questions:

1) how do we identify and unify the various agendas

2) how do we determine the important issues, which need solutions;

3) how do we evaluate results of what we accomplish?
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Notice To Advisors November 27, 2007
If one looks at the accomplishments of the advisors and the advisory process itself, one must question the value of such a process. PHMA HAB,and SAB has been accomplices in removing 10% of the quota from halibut fishermen to initiate and fund a process of instituting the Integrated Fishing Plan that has left 90% of the hook and line Rockfish TAC in the water and I understand 700,000 lb of Halibut in 2007.  PHMA, HAB, and the Hook and Line Advisory, have accomplished nothing to benefit hook and line fishers, nor did they object to this plan.

PHMA, HAB and the Hook and Line Advisory Board have provided advice that continues to erode the economic benefit of the majority to the benefit of a few, and policy that leads to corporate control. PHMA has done nothing to protect the security and economic viability of the 436 halibut license holders they claim as members, including more than 250 of which don’t fish.

PHMA, HAB and the Hook And Line Advisory board have supported policy created by DFO at the advise of NGO to restrict access to rockfish and other species, with out any science base, strictly on hysteria. PHMA, HAB, and the Hook and Line Advisory Boards have succumbed to the pressure of these organizations when these advisors know full well that many of the TAC are not only sustainable, but are below optimum harvest levels.

PHMA has unsuccessfully lobbied government to provide a percentage cap of the total TAC of halibut to the commercial sport sector. Now PHMA and the HAB and Hook and Line Advisory Board supports a process of transferring halibut from the commercial sector to the commercial sport Sector.

PHMA, HAB, Hook and Line, and all advisory boards for that matter, have no Rules Of Order or set agendas, for meetings with DFO. This results in the mechanism for DFO to select input to institute policy, and no mechanism for consensus for objection.

All Advisory Boards have no established requirement for industry reps to be accountable to the industry they are supposed to represent. This results in the advisors advising on the personal best interest, or the personal opinions of a few, rather than that of industry.

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