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DFO - the Puppeteer

Inquiry Has Brian Riddell’s Fingerprints All Over It

OTTAWA - December 8, 2010


“The Cohen Inquiry has Brian Riddell’s fingerprints all over,” said Delta Richmond M. P. John Cummins, M. P. “DFO insiders are controlling the Inquiry’s agenda and are the agenda.”



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Cohen’s Interim Report Gets an “F”

OTTAWA November 8, 2010

The Cohen Inquiry has issued its first report three months late. The report weighs in at 680 grams or nearly 1½ pounds and has 302 pages. If prizes were awarded for weight or number of pages the report would be given high marks; for content it warrants an “F”.


Cohen and his staff have clearly wasted their first year.


There is nothing in this interim report on how DFO might make changes in its management of the 2011 fishery.

Most importantly this is not the report that was asked for nor is it what fishermen had reason to hope for when the Cohen Inquiry was established one year ago.


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Yale Treaty Fatal Blow to Cohen Inquiry?

The Inquiry into the decline of the Fraser River Sockeye fishery was a hopeful sign that the federal government placed a high priority on correcting problems in the management of the fishery.

Mr. Justice Cohen was directed to examine the management of the Fraser River Sockeye fishery and to develop recommendations on “changes to the policies, practices and procedures of the Department in relation to the management of the Fraser River sockeye salmon fishery.”
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Soil migration and the demise of BC wild salmon - Nov 2010

Soil affecting BC salmon? Doesn’t this sound a little crazy? What exactly is soil migration, how does soil migrate, who is moving it? Salmon need water, how can soil possibly affect BC wild salmon? Soil migration is the natural movement seaward of the earths material through a number of natural physical processes including erosion, (of rock), gravity and hydraulic action.

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