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Year of the Oil Spill" by Damien Gillis
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Tough Energy and Environmental Questions for 2011

The Truth About Abundant Salmon Runs and Essential Habitat

I have recently had the opportunity to make a comparison of salmon bearing river systems on the north coast to evaluate the importance of salmon habitat and the climax rain forest canopy. The two areas I have reviewed are Rennell Sound (Queen Charlotte Is., Canada) and Ford Arm (south of Sitka, Alaska ).  The Rennell Sound side of the comparison is supported by the David Loewen report and a few comments from Tom Gray, a commercial fisherman. The Ford Arm information has been submitted by Leon Shaul, senior Coho biologist for SE Alaska, as a response to my article on the Rennell Sound, QCI area, and the David Loewen report.

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Saving Our Salmon

It is with grave concern that I continue to write on the state of our salmon resource.  I cannot help but look at the Alaska example of record salmon runs, while in Canada our focus is on ocean conditions, and global warming for answers to our decline, the same ocean and climate conditions that produce the abundant Alaska salmon runs.  In Canada the solution has and is always focused on reduction of fishing effort and redistribution of the best value for a pound of fish, rather than production of fish.  The management regime that has dissected the coast into smaller access areas and groups in all fisheries, has extinguished economic viability through diversification.  This process refocuses attention to economical access and away from the real problem, the declining salmon stocks.
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"I've visited salmon farms, read scientific articles, and interviewed the multi-billion-dollar industry's advocates and detractors, but never have I encountered anything as graphic as the film Farmed Salmon Exposed by Canadian filmmaker Damien Gillis...The film in its entirety is positively gut-wrenching...Industry representatives said that the movie was one-sided...Farmed Salmon Exposed is one-sided. It's the side of the industry the multi-national corporations don't want us to see." - The Atlantic
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