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Contradictory Science

It is astonishing that Scientific results can be so inconclusive as to be perhaps
conjured up by conflicting interests. I suppose I'm bios toward science that
produces the most evidence and has the least amount to gain from the results.
A statement that says "studies clears farm salmon from causing decline of wild salmon" which is yet to produce the methodology of the science for peer review, questions the implied public statement. The debate should be conclusively reviewed before such a statement is made public. I can only wonder why those that have two
opposing theories, if they are in fact just theories, aren't engaged to work together towards a conclusion of fact.
If scientific studies are to be conclusive it would seem logical to engage both sides of the debate and to provide equal access to documentation.
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Campbell on Salmon Farms: Playing Dumb or Just Plain Dumb?
Friday, 09 April 2010   -  Written by Rafe Mair

I will only say it once, I promise you! “I told you so”, which I direct at former minister John Van Dongen - who gives “stubborn Dutchmen” a whole new meaning - and at Gordon Campbell. And the subject, in case you didn’t guess, is Atlantic salmon fish cages on the coast of British Columbia.

Let me lay out the options these two face: they’re either a) too dumb to understand what I, and bless her, Alexandra Morton (and others as the issue gathered steam) were telling them; or b) they deliberately refused to look at the evidence, refused to betray their corporate donors like Norway’s Marine Harvest, and for nearly a decade lied through their teeth to us the public.
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The Perils Of Co-Management

Partnerships and their agreements are usually designed to protect each partner from the other. Each partnership contract agreement sets out the guidelines as to what part each party will play, pay, or contribute to this partnership. These agreements are usually in consultation of a lawyer who then explains the possible consequences of this agreement. It would not be likely that a partnership agreement would ever be signed where one of the partners dictated to the other.
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Crisis Management

In the last year we have seen the institution of an Integrated Groundfish Plan, and the tabling of a new bill C-45. Though the general perception is that there was a great deal of consultation on the implementation of these initiatives, the consultation is limited to those that believe that they must support these initiatives, or there will be dire consequence.
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